Friday, June 22, 2012

Bachelor of (f)Arts

Also, I recently graduated from the University of Guelph with an English degree. Psyched.

Lee Tiffany You're So Boss

I love the new John Milner You're So Boss shirts. I really do. Homeboy Lee Tiff (pictured above, middle) sketched this gruesome and intricate image for Ron's (left) band complete with pin-stripping and a bloody, abstract Milner branding (and just a little tit). But you know who really doesn't like the new Milner shirt? Old ladies at the grocery store who give you dirty looks if they catch a head on glimpse of the graphic. 

I'm out, I'm Swayze.

What's 970km north of Vancouver on the Cariboo Hwy, has a population of 5,542 and is home to the World's Largest Tree Crusher? If you guessed Mackenzie, BC then you're probably a treeplanter or have an extraordinary talent for remembering statistics. It's also the city where we will be building our next skatepark. I'd like to update the blog a little more on this job but apparently we won't have the internet in our apartment so this may not be possible. 
I'm excited to be in a northern community again and maybe do some camping and learn how to fly fish. Here are a couple photos from Google of the local economy and it's people. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Don Laird Collection for the use of his/her photos in this blog post. I fly out tomorrow, I just hope to God they have a decent pizza spot.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dufferin Grove Rainy Day Edit

Home again, if only for a little while. Recently returned to Toronto and got rained out for most of my visit. I made a short edit of a couple tricks caught on camera when the rain held off. I've really got to learn how to session and film at the same time. I missed all sorts of tricks and a dirty session on the No Frills underground parking lot manual pad. You know, the downhill one that's really fast. This setup at D. Grove might look pretty shanty but our gang has had many an epic session on this patch of crete. Many a Rad Tuesday has gone down here. Slow mo RonRon is my favourite part. Click the picture, duh.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I know, I'm bummed about it too...

Due to unforeseen circumstances the print version of Dick Jokes Zine will be interrupted in the next couple of months (maybe 6). And I know your thinking, but hey you only put out one issue so pfffffff, whatever I'll just wait for the next issue of Thrasher or Club to come out. And to that I say, issue 2 is gonna be dope but its just gonna be a while. I think it will probably be pretty heavy on the building skateparks side of things  and lots of beer and hijinx, we'll see how the summer pans out. But hey, I'm still gonna try to update this thing semi-regularly, I mean its summer, internet usage always goes down in the summer.
Hope your well, see you soon. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dick Jokes gone digital. shhhhit.

Just got a little digi cam for my birthday. Yaaa that's right, Dick Jokes has gone digital. Anyway, here's a cruddy little line from skating Queen's campus in Kingston today.